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SYnAbs Functional B-cell depleting monoclonal antibodies (mouse & rat)

To address all B cell depletion needs, SYnAbs has developed monoclonal antibody references, which exhibit the ability to deplete murine or rat B cells in vivo, providing a valuable research tool for its biotech and pharma partners.

In fact, Chentoufi et al demonstrated that in adult mice sequential treatment with SYnAbs LO-MD anti-δ and then SYnAbs LO-MM anti-μ induces a complete depletion of B cells and xenoreactive natural antibodies (XNA) and represents a potential approach to induce xenograft tolerance (3).

In parallel, Bazin et al showed that anti-µ suppression was demonstrated to be effective on rat IgM, IgA, and IgG classes but also on IgD and IgE classes and on the four subclasses of IgG via the injection of SYnAbs MARM anti-μ and SYnAbs MARD anti-δ antibodies (4).

Finally, Soares et al concluded that the obtained data suggested that SYnAbs MARM anti-mu administration in adult rats results in the early arrest of B cell differentiation in the bone marrow, which causes the down-regulation of IgM production. Furthermore, anti-mu mAb administration directly or indirectly activates a particular subset of mature B cells, which differentiates into IgG2c-secreting cells (5).

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