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SYnAbs Anti-CD25/IL2Ra therapeutic monoclonal antibody LO-TACT-1

After the first success in 1990, Baudreuil et al decided to launch a randomized long-term study to test the LO-TACT-1 rat-LOU monoclonal anti-interleukin 2 receptor (IL2Ra/CD25) monoclonal antibody generated by SYnAbs, in the context of acute and chronic allograft rejection, also with infectious diseases following kidney transplantation.

During ten years, LO-TACT-1 (10mgr/day iv) demonstrated fewer bacterial and viral infections, and less cases of rejection, compared to anti-thymocyte globulin (Thymoglobuline MERIEUX, 15mg/day) treatment in forty grafted patients. Long-term graft survival was the first endpoint, and the number of cases of acute cellular and chronic rejection and the frequency of infectious events were the secondary end-points.

So far, LO-TACT-1 has never been tested in oncology and could show interesting results.

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  • Beaudreuil S et al. (2006) Long-term results (10 years) of a prospective trial comparing Lo-tact-1 monoclonal antibody and anti-thymocyte globulin induction therapy in kidney transplantation. Transpl Int 19: 814–820

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