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Somnics Inc.’s iNAP Wins Another Taiwan Excellence Award for New Oral Interface Accessory

The 30th Taiwan Excellence Award recently announced the winners from a long list of candidates. Somnics, Inc. won its third Taiwan Excellence Award for the new generation iNAP Oral Interface I08, an accessory for the OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) treatment device iNAP Sleep Therapy System. This is the acknowledgment of the company’s R&D and manufacturing capability and the encouragement for continued innovation to meet the market’s unmet needs.

The Taiwan Excellence Award, organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and operated by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), is an important event that celebrates Taiwanese companies’ achievement in product development and production. This award has established international credibility with over 100 judges from Taiwan and overseas screening and selecting winners based on R&D, design, quality, marketing and local manufactured in Taiwan. In its 30th year in 2021, Taiwan Excellence issued its third award to Somnics, Inc. On this occasion, the Oral Interface I08, an accessory of iNAP, stood out from the crowd.

The iNAP One Sleep Therapy utilizes intraoral negative air pressure to treat OSA patients. The iNAP creates a gentle oral vacuum to stabilize the tongue and soft tissues and free the airway. Unlike the traditional CPAP, the iNAP lets a patient breathe normally through the nose during sleep without a mask and blowing air. iNAP has a soft, flexible oral interface that users wear during sleep, which gives excellent wearing comfort compared to a CPAP facial mask. The oral interface has to be used throughout the sleep and is the key to whether the patient can adopt the negative pressure treatment for the long term. This seemingly simple design is the achievement after years of development.

The new generation iNAP Oral Interface, I08, improves the fitting and fixation by advanced pressure distribution and adjustable parts. The I08 comprises with three modularized parts: a Lip Shield, a Tongue Shield, and a Flexible Plate with different sizes. Users can select the proper size from 80 combinations according to the physician's evaluation and personalize their own oral interface that is most comfortable, best secured and has better therapeutic effects.

Most of the Taiwan Excellence Award winners this year are the optimal solutions developed to address users’ needs and experience, accompanied by new and smart business models and services for consumers. Somnics Inc.’s iNAP new generation Oral Interface I08, since its debuts with European Product Design Award in 2019, has been certified in Europe (CE Marking) in 2020 and Taiwan (TFDA) in 2021. For the first launched set, a total of 9 combinations are available to meet the needs of 80% of the OSA patients, who can personalize their treatment.

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