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03/02/2022: More sustainability for medical consumables


Topic of the Month: Sustainability and medical consumables; Interview: Retina chip: Implant helps with age-related macular degeneration; Video: Dermatologist consultation via app – The successful start-up dermanostic; Interview: Diagnostics as a service: stroke prevention with the dpv-ritmo system; News: Seeing 'green' can ease confusion, anger in navigating hospitals
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02/23/2022: Using 3D printing to create insulin-producing cells


Topic of the Month: Digital recruiting; Interview: 3D-PIVOT; News: Artificial intelligence can help to study protein complexes; News: For use in outer space: Biological bandages from a 3D printer; News: With AI to individual patient care; News: Remapping atrial fibrillation treatment
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02/16/2022: Air support for emergencies


Topic of the Month: AI: Automating healthcare workforce planning; Interview: Better management of hospital resources in pandemic times; Video: Mass accidents – Measuring vital signs from the air with "FALKE"; News: Eye provides clues to insidious vascular disease; News: App can vibrate a drop of blood to determine how well it clots; News: Protection and training against highly infectious pathogens
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02/09/2022: Affair of the heart


Topic of the Month: Digital strategies to mitigate hospital staff shortages; Interview: App supports self-management of Multiple Sclerosis; Video: Detecting coronary heart disease hazard patterns; News: On the spot drug delivery with light-controlled organic microswimmers; News: 3D-Printed Thorax for training purposes; News: Laser beam shows the way inside the body
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02/02/2022: Digital human resource management


Topic of the Month: Digital HR management – Help against skilled worker shortage; Interview: Computed tomography: Digital signals with photon-counting CT; Article: Long COVID: It also affects competitive sports; News: Groundbreaking AI technology diagnosis COVID-19 in minutes; News: Computer programme uses data from wearables to detect depression
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01/26/2022: Cardiac research in space


Topic of the Month: Machine Perfusion: Increasing the Safety of Marginal Organ Transplants; Interview: AI-driven laboratory diagnostics with medicalvalues; Interview: Ballistocardiography: Cardiac monitoring of astronauts; News: Fast and cheap test can detect COVID-19 virus' genome without need for PCR; News: New MRI technique could improve diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis
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01/19/2022: Sustainable diet – good for climate and clinic


Topic of the Month: Donor organs: Solving the shortage with technology; Interview: Climate Change: "Meat Should be Reserved for Special Occasions"; News: Large international evaluation shows AI accurately diagnoses prostate cancer; News: People with hearing prostheses use timbre of voice to recognise emotions; News: New algorithm for classification of skin lesions
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01/12/2022: Using technology against organ shortage


Topic of the Month: Technology against organ shortage – Support for the successful transplant; Video: Infrared thermography for sports medicine performance diagnostics; Interview: Successful Strategies to Enter the Medical Market in Africa; Interview: Coronavirus: Using odors to detect an infection; News: Researchers at Fraunhofer develop a new robot for wipe disinfection of surfaces
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01/05/2022: Robotics at the ICU


Topic of the Month: Glaucoma: Microimplant monitors intraocular pressure; Interview: Robotics in Intensive Care Units; News: Fitness sensor warns when you're at your limits; News: A potential at-home COVID-19 test is just as good as laboratory PCR tests; News: Exercise rehabilitation as tool for managing symptoms of multiple sclerosis
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