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12/18/2019: Less alone together


Topic of the Month: Smart care: safety and support thanks to AAL; Interview: Robotics: an avatar to end loneliness; News: AI: combined with astrophysics as key to early dementia diagnosis; News: Tissue Engineering: tracking lab-grown tissue with light; News: Diagnostic tool: AI for breast cancer; News: Tissue Engeneering: new in-vitro 3D neural tissue model
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12/04/2019: Small assistance with big effect


Topic of the Month: AAL: sensors for seniors; Topic of the Month: MTF: imaging technique OCT; Video: Medical consumables of today; Video: Hightech solutions for hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation; News: Machine learning predicts success of digital health interventions; News: Big Data makes intensive care better; News: AI: tool for tuberculosis; News: Implants: sensor improves brain scans
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11/27/2019: That was MEDICA 2019!


Video: Motors for motor skills – Robotics in rehabilitation; Video: Smart Hospital - the hospital of the future; Video: MEDICA App COMPETITION: clear the stage for mobile Health; Topic of the Month: Medicine 5.0: machine learning algorithms in healthcare; Interview: ARDS: Testing Consequences without Consequence
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11/19/2019: MEDICA 2019: Update from the exhibition halls


Video: MEDICA 2019 – Visitors can expect novelties about novelties; Photo gallery: Wearables at MEDICA 2019: Get well (connected)!; Photo gallery: Emergency medicine: from stretchers to respiratory support
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09/18/2019: Movement, Power and Coordination


Video: Sports medicine: Neuromuscular training for optimal performance; Interview: Deep Learning Image Reconstruction; News: Sports medicine: GymCam tracks exercises that wearable monitors can't; News: Optical sensor: detects very low glucose concentrations; News: Machine Learning: improving the diagnosis of head and neck cancers;
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09/11/2019: Wearables in sports – yes or no?


Interview: Wearables and body awareness improve athletic performance; Topic of the Month: Man vs. machine – the benefits of AI in imaging; News: Imaging: supporting cancer treatment monitoring; News: Wearables: reconfigurable electronics promising innovations; News: mHealth: app assessment for multiple sclerosis; News: Imaging: eye scan makes diseases visible at an early stage
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09/04/2019: AI: machine detects, man diagnoses


Topic of the Month: AI in radiology; HEALTHCARE INNOVATION WORLD CUP; News: Prosthetics: electronic glove offers 'humanlike' features; News: Sensors: diagnosing middle-ear infection with ultrasound; News: Organ-on-a-chip: teaching a chip to see: News: Sensors: electronic skin technology for AI development
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08/28/2019: German Medical Award: Focus on patients


Topic of the Month: Photonics; MEDICA App COMPETITION; Interview: German Medical Award 2019; News: Imaging: faster intestine endoscopy with a pill-sized camera; News: Hearing aids: algorithms for personalized sounds; News: Augmented reality: glasses help people with low vision; News: Tissue Engeneering: bioprinting complex living tissue; News: mHealth: Bitcoin-technology improves medication dose
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08/21/2019: Future partner - robots in rehabilitation


Topic of the Month: Last-resort antibiotics; Video: Training partner robot – This is the rehabilitation of the future; News: Biomarker: health indication in old age; News: Wearables: wireless sensors that stick to the skin to track our health; News: Imaging: 3D images of objects smaller than a cell; News: AI: mapping the brain landscape for Alzheimer's disease
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08/14/2019: Triple imaging for tumor excision


Topic of the Month: Combating antibiotic resistance: One step ahead through technology; Interview: Tumor excision: triple imaging for unique diagnostics; News: Blood test: liquid biopsy improves breast cancer diagnostics; News: Wearables: motion sensors could save unborn babies; News: Brain stimulation: help for PTSD patients; News: Robotics: novel neck brace improves functions of ALS patients
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